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STRATATAC courses have been developed to align with the reforms to the STRATA Titles Act (1985) as Amended in 2018 and are constantly updated to meet the changes.


Whether you are new or planning to enter the strata industry or an existing owner or employee, STRATATAC courses have got you covered!


CPD courses have been developed for Licensees, principals, branch managers, licensed agents, property managers and those who wish to further their understanding of strata management.


Short interactive courses for owners of a strata property or those on committees or self-managing are also tailored to suit all needs.


Confused about what the changes in legislation means to your investment? Or just need some advice on a particular strata issue?

STRATATAC goal is to achieve positive outcomes for all things strata in Western Australia. STRATATAC can provide sound, succinct, considered advice and direction on all strata and community title matters for proposed, new or existing titling arrangements and strata scheme structures.

STRATATAC aims to ensure that all stakeholders’ interests are protected while delivering the most effective and efficient on-going management.

STRATATAC provides professional advice to existing and potential strata owners, surveyors, property developers, conveyancers, strata managers, lawyers and the general public who have an interest in a strata property or development.



Our vision gives us a sense of direction and destination. It actively participates in community and regional development through provision of quality training, strata consulting and mentoring.  It captures our aspiration to be the best we can in everything we do and is the basis of what we stand for in the strata industry. Stratatac is guided by our vision and values.




Stratatac’s mission is:

  • to provide the right training, right place, right now,

  • to connect relevant and meaningful training with strata industry need,

  • to create a highly skilled and well-informed workforce in the strata industry, and

  • to provide  professional consultancy services for the right information to strata managers and strata owners about their investment property or home.




Stratatac’s values are:

  • Professionalism,

  • personal integrity,

  • honesty in our undertakings,

  • open and transparent in our communication,

  • take responsibility for our behaviour, and

  • are accountable for our actions.


In the community we are committed to consultation, collaboration and teamwork.  We value that are critical to building and sustaining ongoing relationships and providing an environment for innovation and creativity.

Our reputation will provide leadership to our colleagues and stakeholders, we are committed to continuous improvement, to maintaining our credibility, and to providing consistently high-quality training and services.


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© 2019 by ​STRATATAC.

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