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STRATATAC is offering a valuable mentoring service to employers and employees in the Strata Industry.


With a caring and listening personality, a passion to continually improve the Strata Industry and 23 of over 41 years in Real Estate specialising in Strata, Brian Rulyancich has the edge, and the experience, when it comes to being able to listen and provide advice and guidance on all things strata.


Whether it is a question about the rules and regulations under the Strata Titles Act and/or its amendments, or you or a strata manager is having a difficult time relating to a client or a strata company, Brian is qualified through time and experience to be able to assist in any strata related situations.

Brian is highly regarded by his peers for his honesty, integrity, and knowledge of the Strata Industry (see testimonials).  Mentoring relationships are as unique as the mentor and Mentee and there are no hard and fast rules.



STRATATAC’s tailored mentoring packages will comprise assistance, advice, knowledge, and information to navigate the complexities of the Strata Titles Act 1985 (as amended 2018) and the Strata Titles (General) Regulations 2019.

The areas covered but not limited to are:

  • Day to day management issues

  • Maintenance concern and responsibilities

  • AGMs, EGMs, and Council of Owners meetings

  • Meeting voting options and procedures

  • Document Templates

  • Annual budgets

  • Reserve Fund budgets

  • 10-year Maintenance Plans and what to address

  • Understanding by-laws

  • Assistance with interpreting strata plans

  • Advice on Strata Management Contracts as to the managers role

Or these packages can be tailored to suit individual office professionals and manager’s needs and can be actioned by:

  • Phone, Email, Video Conferencing, Live Text Chat, Face-to-Face or a combination, and

  • as frequently as required with anything from daily to monthly, and

  • of a duration as short or long as is needed.


You can commit in advance to a time frame that can vary from one month to one year or remain open-ended.

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