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Consultancy Services Schedule

All fees will be on a flat fee basis per assignment or at an agreed hourly rate. CALL 0418 370 358.

Annual & General Meetings

Independent Chairing of meetings
Drafting Agenda & Motions
Provision of Minute Taker and Preparation of Minutes
Distribution of Minutes if required

Re-Subdivisions within a scheme


Completion of forms for Merger of land that is Common Property
Completion of forms for Merger of Buildings that are Common property
Consultation with the Strata Company
Provide guidance with the required resolutions
Liaising with surveyors
Drafting easement creations if required
Registration of the Merger with Landgate plus Landgate fees if required

Strata Plans

Assist developers with Strata Plan requirements
Provide recommendations as to either a built strata or a survey strata and boundary of lots as per the Strata Titles Act (1985) as amended in 2018 or Community titles (building) scheme or a community titles (land) scheme as per the Community Titles Act 2018


Drafting a complete new set of bylaws designed to meet the management requirements of existing schemes
Drafting additional bylaws to assist with the management of an existing scheme
Drafting additional bylaws to assist with the management of a new scheme 
Drafting Bylaws, Governance (Schedule 1) and Conduct (Schedule 2)
Drafting Exclusive Use and Special Privileges 


Consolidation bylaws in line with Strata Amendment Act 2018 and the Regulations
Consultation with the Strata Company as to the best set of bylaws for their circumstances 
Completion and Lodgement Form 21 
Lodgement of Bylaws (Form 21) and payment of fees to Landgate if applicable

Providing advice on subdivision of existing lots and common property to create additional strata lots or consolidation of lots
Consultation with the strata company
Drafting required motions
Completion of the required Landgate Forms and lodgement if required

Variation, Termination and Conversion of Strata Schemes

Provide consultation with strata companies, surveyors, valuers and any other service providers in relation to variation, termination and conversion of strata schemes
Assist in the completion of the required Landgate forms in conjunction with the settlement agent

Source Strata Managers

Liaise with the strata company to determine their management requirements
Cooperate with the strata company to implement a tender process
Interview prospective mangers
Provide a short list to the strata company and assist with the final selection
Assist with the transition to the new management company

Management Consultant

Assist current strata managers with any management issue and help put in place productive management tools
Assist existing and potential strata owners 
Assist strata developers

Dispute Resolutions & Mentoring Strata Managers

Mediate disputes between owners and or strata management
Assisting, advising and mentoring strata managers on an hourly rate or an agreed Management Coaching Package (3, 6 & 12 months)
Rates for a Package by mutual agreement based on the type of assistance required

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