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There are many changes to what is required to be given to a buyer before the contract is signed under the reforms to the Strata Titles Act.  The reforms aim to provide better buyer information to give the most relevant information to the buyer that has been set out in a clear way and that the buyer is aware of where they can get more information about what they are buying. The obligation is set on the seller to provide reasonable information to the buyer and on what grounds the buyer can avoid the contract if the information is not provided by the seller.


Engaging a STRATATAC Strata Consultant will save you time, money, and stress as we make sure that everything is done according to the Strata Amendment Act 2018 and the accompanying regulations.

As buyer of a strata property in Western Australia, STRATATAC can assist you with any of the following or anything else to do with a strata property.

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  • What the changes in the reforms mean to you as the buyer

  • Strata plans - How to read and interpret

  • Is it a built strata or a survey strata?

  • Do you know what are you really buying?

  • Are the meeting minutes informative?

  • What is the financial health of the strata and the lot?

  • What are the forecast budgets?

  • Are the bylaws standard, added to or individualised for the strata?

  • What Strata Company contracts are in place?

  • Is the strata professionally managed or self-managed?

  • What is the meaning of a Volunteer Strata Manager (VSM)?

  • insurance responsibilities?

  • What is the difference between the strata and the owner maintenance responsibilities?

  • Does the strata need or have a 10 year maintenance plan?

  • What bylaws are in place? Standard, additional, consolidated, exclusive use or other?

  • What are unit entitlement variations, if any?

  • What is the common property?

  • How is a scheme terminated?

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