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The challenges the Council of Owners of a strata scheme can be significant and STRATATAC Strata Training and Consulting provide affordable interactive workshops for members of the Council which provide a comprehensive overview of the obligations and responsibilities of the Strata Company.


Engaging a STRATATAC Strata Consultant will save you or your Committee’s time, money, and stress as we ensure that everything is done according to the Strata Titles Act 1985 (As amended November 2018) and accompanying rules and regulations.


Brian Rulyancich is a highly regarded strata consultant with over 30 years’ experience in the strata industry. Brian is also a qualified trainer and having had his own strata management business until 2018, he now wants to share his extensive knowledge and expertise with everyone living and working in the strata industry.


Brian is also available to Chair your Annual General Meeting and prepare the minutes.


Attendance at one of these workshops will ensure that your Council is functioning professionally, and responsibly representing the Strata Company. It is aimed to enhance the management of your strata schemes in line with the new legislative framework and for the betterment of our strata communities.


​As an owner or council member, STRATATAC can assist you with any of the following or anything else to do with a strata property.

  • Strata plans - How to read and interpret

  • Termination of Strata Schemes

  • Maintenance responsibilities

  • Strata Conversions

  • Bylaws

  • Interpretation of the Act and Regulations

  • SAT (State Administration Tribunal) procedures

  • Insurances

  • Owners responsibilities

  • Additions to individual lots

  • What owners need to know

  • Meetings

  • Dispute Resolutions

  • Budgets

  • How to self-manage a strata

  • Strata manager education requirements

  • How to engage a Strata Manager

  • How to change a Strata Manager

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