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Developer Consulting

As a former long serving strata manager, definition of boundaries is crucial to the ongoing management and maintenance of the strata complex.


With an excess of 20 years in the strata industry, Stratatac has the knowledge, professionalism, and drive to provide help and guidance to a prospective strata developer. My experience covers, residential, commercial, office, shopping centres, resorts, mix-use and a winery.


We provide strata consulting services to Developers within the residential, commercial, and mixed-use development projects in both Perth and Regional WA.

One essential element for Developers, is getting the boundaries of the lot of a strata development correct first time. The success of a strata titled development, aside from the physical build is getting the strata plan correct i.e. A built stratum (strata plan or a land-based stratum (survey-strata plan). Then a crucial element of a built strata is correctly defining the lot boundaries to correctly determine:

  • who is responsible for maintenance,

  • if the boundaries of surfaces or walls are defined as common property, then maintenance is the responsibility of the strata company,

  • if the surfaces or walls are included within ownership maintenance it is the responsibility of the lot owner 


Our goal is to help you establish firm strata management foundations from the outset to facilitate a smooth transition of ownership. 


Every strata development has different requirements. Our specialist knowledge and advice will ensure your project meets its legal obligations. Our approach is thorough and tailored to ensure compliancy of your specific strata structure. 


My former business was Stratacam, specialising in strata management. Stratatac specialises in strata training and strata consultancy.


As such our aim is to ensure your strata development is set up in the best interest of the strata development and the ongoing future lot owners, we are not it to manage your development. Part of our service is to make sure that you engage the right strata manager going forward and that is our guarantee to you.


Another important part of your development is to have the best possible set of by-laws in place for the better management of your complex. The standard by-laws as per the Act are brief, dated and very generic. it is essential that you have an adequate set of manageable by-laws going forward. Writing by-law is part of what we do.


Once you have engaged the services of Stratatac, you will find our proactive approach ensures optimum value for your project.


As part of this value, we will provide:


  • Assistance in determining the correct strata plan

  • Liaise with the surveyor in preparation of strata plan

  • Advice on common property areas, lot boundaries and exclusive use areas

  • Liaise with the Valuer for the preparation of the schedule of Unit Entitlements

  • Assist with the process of the strata plan through Council and registration

  • Arrange preparation of additional by-laws and liaise with your Lawyers (if needed) in the preparation of these by-laws


We will also:


  • Determine the Administrative Budget and 10 year Maintenance Plan and the subsequent strata levies

  • Organise the appropriate insurance

  • Arrange ABN registration of the strata company (and GST if applicable)

  • Prepare and issuance of 110 certificates on sale of lots

  • Provide sourcing of quality and cost competitive services providers – cleaners, gardeners, lift maintenance, caretaker etc and guidance of utility-efficiencies including environmentally friendly options

  • Prepare and manage the first annual general meeting

  • Source, and do due diligence to find the appropriate strata manager for your development

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